Petri Dish

Petri dishes are one of the most important product for cell culture work in microbiology and bacteriological laboratories.

Manufactured from high clarity polystyrene, the dishes are produced in sizes of 60mm, 90mm and 125mm and compatible for use with automated systems.

Pasteur Pipettes

Pasteur pipette, also known as transfer pipette is a device used to transfer or dispense small quantities of liquids used commonly in all laboratories.

Besides the common bulb pipettes, Omnicell also manufactures speciality pipettes - the fine tip and extra long pipettes.

Serological Pipettes

Serological pipettes are designed to use for accurate measurement or transfer of liquid. They are widely used for tissue and bacteria culture applications.

Made of high quality polystyrene, these pipettes are produced sterile and non-pyrogenic with clearly marked positive and negative graduations for use with most pipette aids.

Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge tubes are precisionmade, high-strength tubes made to fit exactly in rotor cavities of Laboratory centrifuge equipment.

They are used for sample separation, isolation and purification applications. Available in sterile or non-sterile, conical or skirted bottom versions.

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